At ARC Club, we know that meaningful work is about purpose.

ARC’s purpose is to make it a good week; whatever a good week means to you. To help you to get your work done more quickly and easily, improving mental health and creating time for important things like hanging out with family and friends. Something that has been difficult during the pandemic.

ARC is a local space for productive work, on your own terms, giving you the autonomy to map your working week around what matters most.

Having a fulfilling working life is about caring for what we do but it’s also about putting work in its place so we can enjoy the things that make life joyful.


While setting up ARC with my co-founder, Caro, we struggled working from home; work would often bleed into family or downtime and it could be hard to stay motivated without structure. I now plan my working week to avoid burnout, using simple methods to stay productive without compromising mental health. 

Here is how I make it a good week: 

  • Spend Mondays with people. The day of highest energy and clearest headspace, which colleagues deserve, I try to schedule most team meetings and 1-2-1s on Mondays. 

  • End Mondays with something enjoyable: budget for a massage or a drink with a friend (out of lockdown). Having this booked in advance helps me look forward to Mondays. 

  • Divide the rest of the week into themes; organising inbox, to-do lists and calendar accordingly. 

  • Spend at least 2 days at ARC. Walk 30 mins to work, enjoy the light-filled space, people watching and great coffee. 

  • Keep Fridays relatively unstructured; meet with people, gather ideas and step away from my computer, if I can. 

  • Run on a Saturday morning. Find distraction on a Sunday. Note down worries or concerns in a journal, to be dealt with on Monday. 

  • Loads of baths & tele in the evenings :)

How do you make it a good week? 

Hannah x


To help you make it a good week, we’ll be delivering a useful little newsletter to your inbox every Monday from now on. 

Containing just a few resources, articles and ideas about how to make work work for you; whether you’re putting your head down, taking time off, living a little more locally or looking for new ways to be together.


ARC Club Homerton is a professional workplace and shared space for the neighbourhood. We offer the best of the office - meeting rooms, phone booths, wifi you can rely on, free printing, good coffee and conversation - in a beautiful sunny space with a local purpose. Whether you’re a lifelong freelancer or looking to grow your business, ARC Club Homerton is a place to get your best work done. 

Currently operating at reduced Covid-capacity. Email nina@arc-club.com to bag a space now. (Limited Low Income and Changemaker Memberships available).