More and more people are working alone. From life-long freelancers to new parents. And while their specialisms are endless, their problems are much the same. The way we work is changing. Our lived environment needs to keep up.



‘Coworking’ is to the 21st century what ‘open plan office’ was to the 20th. A work-place ‘revolution’. But is it one you are benefitting from?
ARC Club about ARC our mission a workplace revolution


  1. A small part of a greater circle or cycle.
  2. A smooth and easeful change of direction.
  3. A non-linear movement (through life).

At ARC, we know coworking can be great. But only if we make it that way. Where others say ‘work-life blur’, ARC champions separation. By focusing on small practical solutions, we are taking steady steps towards a happier workforce and meaningful change.

With our simple neighbourhood workplace formula, we see a way to bring communities together. Welcoming lonely solo workers into a warm high-functioning environment. And creating inclusive local hubs to support residents, businesses and charities.

It’s time we took our laptops out of our houses. And began working life a bit better, together.

ARC Club Homerton is the first step in our mission.

If you’d love to see an ARC Club in your area, please contact ideas@arc-club.com or tag us via one of our social channels:


ARC Club

Meet the people whose work is to help you work. Our team is made up of thinkers, doers and makers.

ARC Club Homerton Team Hannah Philp


Hannah has been active in Hackney for almost ten years. Alongside a corporate career in the City of London, Hannah set up the East London Fawcett group and has raised money for local charities Beyond the Streets & Ella’s Home. Hannah is passionate about creative solutions to social problems. Her favourite place in Hackney is Springfield Park in Upper Clapton.

ARC Club Homerton Team Caro Lundin


An alumna of the Bartlett School of Architecture, Caro co-founded Sundae Studios, specialising in retail & hospitality design. Since 2018, Caro has been solo parenting Francis and knows quite a bit about the challenges of flexible working and the value of local community, support and engagement. Her favourite place in Homerton is the Chesham Arms pub.

ARC Club Homerton Team Lucy Harrison


Lucy has spent 13 busy years opening and running some of London’s hottest hospitality venues and restaurants. Born and raised in Homerton and Hackney, she is East London through and through. She is determined to make ARC Club a sustainable community hub where people can eat, drink and work. Her favourite place in Hackney is Chatsworth Road.

ARC Club Partners

From the treats in our cafe to the artwork on our walls, we are proud to ally with brands that share our values.

ARC Club Homerton Partners Allpress Espresso
Allpress Espresso
ARC Club Homerton Partners Bosse & Baum
Bosse & Baum
ARC Club Homerton Partners Borough Wines
Borough Wines
ARC Club Homerton Partners Charles Good Food
Charles Good Food
ARC Club Homerton Partners Dalstons Soda
Dalstons Soda
ARC Club Homerton Partners Good Proper Tea Co.
Good Proper Tea Co.
ARC Club Homerton Partners Laura's Idea
Laura's Idea

Local Rewards

ARC Club Homerton Partners Dabba Drop
Dabba Drop
ARC Club Homerton Partners Ella's Home
Ella's Home
ARC Club Homerton Partners Energie Fitness
Énergie Fitness
ARC Club Homerton Partners Bosse & Baum
Bosse & Baum
ARC Club Homerton Partners Hackney Play Association
Hackney Play Association
ARC Club Homerton Partners The Plough
The Plough
ARC Club Homerton Partners Well Street Pizza
Well Street Pizza