ARC Club

Mon-Fri // 8am-7pm

A covid-secure coworking space in Hackney, open in and out of lockdown, for people unable to work from home. Find out how we keep members safe and comfortable when they need a place to focus most.

ARC Club Homerton Co-working Space Opening Hours

Private Rooms

ARC Club Homerton has 4x small meeting rooms & 1x fully-equipped conference room.

For video calls, one-on-ones and group sessions, we have you covered.

Available to members and non-members to hire.

ARC Club Private Rooms Blue Room
ARC Club Private Rooms Pink Room
ARC Club Private Rooms Green Room

“Functional doesn’t have to be boring. ARC Club Homerton is a neutral space that enables the people who visit it to be their best professional selves.”



A place to meet other members, entertain guests or grab a coffee ‘to go’.

Serving drinks, snacks and light meals throughout the day (and sometimes later).


Our adaptable space is the perfect canvas for shoots, meetings and events.

Find out more here – or email enquiries to

ARC Club Homerton Co-Working Space Floor Plan

Meet Tatiana

ARC Club About Us Team Tatiana Hospitality Manager


Tatiana is ARC Club Homerton’s Hospitality Manager. She brings an experienced hospitality eye to the workspace, canteen and all things venue at ARC. She is also a personal trainer, a nutritionist, a dog walker, an amateur watercolorist and keen cook. In short, Tatiana does a lot of things – and we’re glad ARC is one of them.

Say ‘hello’ to Tatiana at

“Hospitality at ARC is all about communicating and adapting to the needs of everyone in the space. I make sure things run smoothly – and that everything always looks (and feels) really nice.”


Our flagship ARC Club is in Homerton in the London Borough of Hackney.

People have been living here for centuries. Most notably, a lady farmer called Hūnburh, who gave her name to the area in 1343. We like to think she was the kind of busy independent worker that we could hang with.

Homerton is a place of contrasts – between David Adjaye’s Fashion Village, outsized architectural monuments to Victorian philanthropy, and post-war construction. Between those who moved here and those who were born here. Between millennials on the make and families who are holding it all together for the community.


We’re just around the corner from Homerton overground station,

with access to Stratford in the east, Dalston, Highbury & Islington and Hampstead in the west. ARC Club Homerton is also within easy walking distance of Chatsworth Rd, Mare St and Well St.