How can I use ARC Club?

There are many different ways to enjoy ARC Clubs. You can become a Member for full-time, part-time and shared access to our workspace and activities. Day Passes are available when you’re just passing through. Our Meeting Rooms can be hired by anyone. While The Homework Club in Homerton gives young people aged 17-25 the opportunity to use the space without charge every Thu & Fri / 4pm-7pm. Click here to see the full range of ways to use the space.


Is it hard to join?

We want to make ARC Clubs as easy as possible to use. Memberships are allocated on a first-come first-served basis and there is no joining fee.


Can I cancel my membership?

Life is unpredictable and ARC Club provides you with flexibility. All our plans operate on a monthly rolling basis. And can be cancelled up to one business day before they renew.


Can I renew my membership?

Your membership will keep rolling until you give notice.


How do I pay for things?

Membership can be paid for via direct debit or card. Meeting rooms may be hired through the members portal and paid for by card. ARC Canteens are cashless. We accept all major credit and debit cards to purchase food and drink.


Can my company pay for my membership?

Easily. We offer invoices for teams and individuals, made out directly to your employer.


Can my team use ARC Club?

We offer bespoke packages for teams at ARC Club. Email ashley@arc-club.com to find out more.


I work for myself – can I claim tax back?

We issue monthly invoices to help freelancers manage their tax returns.


What are your opening hours?

Our work hours are 8am-7pm in Homerton and 9am – 6pm in Camberwell Green. It’s a work-life balance thing.


Do you ever run out of desks?

We carefully manage numbers at ARC Club to ensure there are seats for members.


Can I bring guests?

Members get 1x free Guest Pass a month to bring friends or colleagues to bring  into the workspace. Additional passes can be purchased for £20. Up to 2x guests may join you, free of charge, in the Canteen and in pre-booked meeting rooms (subject to room capacity and opening hours). ARC reserves the right to refuse entry to any guest.


Where do I sit?

Wherever works best for you. We offer different seats for different moods at ARC Club and there are no fixed desks. Ask a member of the team if you need help choosing where to sit.


Are there quiet spaces at ARC Clubs?

ARC Clubs contain designated solo work area (no pets, no calls, no food) available throughout opening hours, but we cannot guarantee a seat.


Can I use my mobile phone?

Mobile phones can be used throughout ARC Clubs, with the exception of the solo work area. Private rooms can be booked for privacy and longer calls.


What is your food & drink policy?

ARC Canteens serves grab-and-go food and beverages throughout the day. We can recommend local restaurants and cafes that offer discounts for members. You’re welcome to bring pre-prepared food from home and a fridge and microwave are available in the space.


Can I light up in ARC Club?

No smoking or vaping of any kind is permitted inside ARC Club. But you can make yourself comfortable in our outdoor seating area.


What’s your view on animals?

We love them! Well-behaved dogs may join you in the Canteen and in the social work areas. Trained service animals are welcome anywhere in the space.


What about babies?

ARC Club is an adult space but we understand that childcare in the UK is a problem. We’ll do what we can to help on the days when a little one is sick or childcare falls through. We have a space for nursing parents and considered baby amenities.


What does the events calendar look like?

Our curated programme of events is designed to inspire and support members, championing talent, ideas and initiatives rooted in the local area.


Will I feel comfortable?

ARC Club is committed to operating a space that is inclusive and supportive. No form of discrimination is tolerated. Racism, sexism, LGBTQ+phobia, ablism or prejudice based on age, ethnicity, nationality, class, gender, gender presentation, language ability, immigration status or religious affiliation is unacceptable and will be challenged by staff. If you do not adhere to this code of conduct, you may be asked to leave and your membership terminated.


Is ARC Club accessible?

ARC Clubs ooccupy step-free ground-floor spaces, with wide double doors, accessible WCs and accessible meeting rooms.


Can you operate during lockdown?

ARC Clubs are a covid-secure workplace, open during Tiers 2, 3, 4 and lockdown to people who are unable to work from home. Find out how we keep members safe and comfortable when they need a place to focus most.